The consumer-involved bottle recycling systemrealized by reverse vending machines (RVMs)

When you finish the contents of a PET bottle and throw it away, it ends up in the trash.
But if you remove the label and cap, rinse it out, and put it into an RVM, it will become a valuable resource
that can be recycled.We are promoting PET bottle recycling by working closely with local communities, including residents, local governments,
and companies that care about the environment.

TOMRA T53: RVM for large stores TOMRA T53: RVM for large stores
(Storage capacity: up to 850 500ml PET bottles)
TOMRA M7: RVM for convenience stores and other small outlets TOMRA M7: RVM for convenience stores and other small outlets
(Storage capacity: up to 180 500ml PET bottles)

How to Get Involved

  • 1. Remove the cap and label and rinse the bottle out at home
  • 2. Put the bottle into an RVM
  • 3. It’ll be recycled into bottlium®

Just take your empty PET bottles with you when you go to a store or any other facility that has one of our RVMs.
Recycle used PET bottles when it suits your convenience and you’ll no longer have to worry about storing bulky empty PET bottles at your home.

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Features of an RVM

  • 1


    It offers one point, equivalent to one yen, for every 5 PET bottles brought in.

  • 2

    Material recognition

    Its unique sensing system instantly scans containers to ensure that only acceptable PET bottles are collected.
    Having PET material that is free of foreign matter reduces the environmental impact of transportation and recycling to the minimum.

  • 3

    (volume reduction)

    Our original technology compresses bulky PET bottles to reduce their volume. Even with limited installation of RVMs,
    a large number of people can get involved.

Familiar environmental activities children can participate in

Rinse PET bottles at home, put them into an RVM, and tap the button on the front to see the containers go down the chute. Children can get involved in a recycling activity while having fun and learning about the environment.

Made by TOMRA Systems, the world’s leading maker of RVMs with a 75% global share

Since its establishment in 1972, TOMRA Systems has provided technology-led solutions for the collection and recycling of drink containers and other resources in more than 50 countries around the world.
TOMRA’s RVMs have won high acclaim for their design and functionality and have achieved a share of more than 75% in the markets where the company operates.

Benefits of Introducing RVMs

  • Establish a point of daily contact with consumers who bring in empty bottles and increase loyal customer numbers.

  • Make the collection of bulky PET bottles more efficient.

  • Demonstrate continued efforts to tackle environmental issues as a company or local government.

Collection Technology

  • Leading operator in Japan with more
    than 1,600 installations* nationwide
    *As of November 2023

  • More than 4 million people* routinely
    participate in PET bottle collection*As of April 2021

  • Collects approximately 680 million
    PET bottles* a year for recycling
    * As of November 2023

  • 8 recycled 500ml PET bottles can be
    turned into a T-shirt

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